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by Cyd Casados
directed by Hannah Price
Jul 20, 2017 – Aug 6, 2017 in the Extraspace
Opened Friday, July 21, 2017
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Produced and presented by Libby Brodie Productions

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“The texture will always be there, underneath, no matter how many coats you put over it, but I like it that way.”

Rebecca loves sex – as does Steve. Inside Steve’s intimate, turpentine-scented studio their affair blossoms and implodes in a sensual, paint-laden battle of the sexes but at what point does self-expression become self-harm?

Sex, art and addiction clash in Permanence, a raw and provocative new play asking us if one can ever truly love if one is lying to oneself?

Recommended for ages 15+. Show contains strong language, full-frontal nudity, and adult themes.

Field Jacket Trimmed Suede Felt Cashmere

The Press on director Hannah Price:
★★★★ “(Dame Harriet) Walter and Paul’s gorgeous naturalism, gracefully drawn out by director Hannah Price” – The Telegraph on Boa
★★★★ “Directed with daring by Hannah Price, a comic treat” – The Observer on The Dead Monkey
★★★★ “A bewildering, kaleidoscopic tale… realised with compelling intensity by director Hannah Price” – The Stage on Run The Beast Down

The Press on actress Samantha Michelle:
“If Holly Golightly and Captain Jack Sparrow were ever to have crossed storylines, their love child might be Samantha Michelle.” – The Toronto Star
“Samantha portrays the contrast of lustful demand and saddened vulnerability with great skill…” – Broadway Baby

The Press on actor Ludovic Hughes:
Cashmere Field Suede Jacket Trimmed Felt
“The stand out performer was Ludovic Hughes… Every detail of Hughes’ performance was spot on, he stole scene after scene with striking presence.” – West End Frame
Felt Jacket Cashmere Trimmed Field Suede “Ludovic, physically strong and charismatic…[is]… full of theatrical delight and wonder” – Live Theatre UK

Cast and Crew

  • Hannah Price
  • Cyd Casados
  • Echo Zhou
  • Chris Malkowski
  • Lyon Smith
  • Pip Bradford
  • Lara Goncalves
  • Ludovic Hughes & Samantha Michelle
Suede Cashmere Jacket Felt Field Trimmed WqxZHZXT8w Suede Cashmere Jacket Felt Field Trimmed WqxZHZXT8w Suede Cashmere Jacket Felt Field Trimmed WqxZHZXT8w Suede Cashmere Jacket Felt Field Trimmed WqxZHZXT8w
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